One thought on “5-10-20”

  1. Thank you for the sweet song honoring mothers, using the children on this special day, and reminding us that “The King is Coming” oh what a day. Blessings to you all. Brother Wes, thank you for teaching the deepness of the Lords Prayer and what it means to my life individually, and what it means to all the world. Realizing that it is not just words we have learned many years ago and repeat without meaning, but that these are deep loving truths of God shown throughout all scripture. God Bless all involved in bringing this worship to us wherever we are. Thank you for the crews that have provided these videos for us, especially during this time away from one another. This was actually good for me in that I understand how meaningful this on-line provision is to those unable to attend services in the church. Side note to Bro. Wes, it is especially comforting for you to look into the camera; it gives a sense of actually being there; that this is for me, not just those in the actual audience; thank you for those moments. God Bless you all. And for Dan and I we look forward to meeting together again. And we thank the church staff for using wisdom in seeking God’s direction about how best to keep our church family safe the past weeks and in the future.

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