Ask Dave Dave Ransey

July 18, 2023 Staff 0

Dear Dave, I’m a widow, and I retired recently. My husband took care of most of our finances. We never had any debt, but after […]

Dave Says

June 27, 2023 Staff 0

Dear Dave, I know you recommend using cash or debit cards instead of credit cards. But can you explain why my husband and I shouldn’t […]

Ask Dave

May 2, 2023 Staff 0

Dave, As a small-business owner, should I work with multiple banks to avoid what happened with Silicon Valley Bank? Matt Matt, You should work with […]

Ask Dave Ramsey

April 24, 2023 Staff 0

Dear Dave, I plan to buy another investment property with cash in the next year or two. Currently, I have $83,000 sitting in a high-yield […]

Ask Dave

April 18, 2023 Staff 0

Dear Dave, I was recently in a car accident that totaled my car. My old car was paid for, and the insurance company is writing […]