Texarkana College Trustees Approve 8-week Format for Academic Courses Beginning Fall 2023

Texarkana College Trustees took a historic step today to approve the 2023-2024 calendar reflecting a change to their academic course schedule. The new calendar allows for an 8-week course format from a traditional 16-week semester for the majority of TC’s academic courses. Dr. Donna McDaniel, Vice President of Instruction for TC, said the new academic course format has many benefits for students.

“Students can take two classes each 8-week session rather than four or five classes for 16 weeks allowing more time for them to focus on fewer subjects at one time,” said Dr. McDaniel. “This change will help students stay on track to graduate sooner, and for students with more responsibilities like a job and family, focusing on two classes each session fits into their schedule better.”

Dr. McDaniel said classes will meet more often each week and will provide additional one-on-one time with their professors.

“TC is known for our outstanding faculty members who foster a culture of student success and achievement,” said McDaniel. “Having a more concentrated focus on a subject will help students feel even more successful and confident as they see the results of their work come to completion in a shorter timeframe.”

McDaniel said not all TC courses will change to the new 8-week format.

“Nursing and workforce classes and some of our lab-based courses will remain on a 16-week schedule due to the nature of the hands-on training needed to master skills,” said McDaniel. “There are more options available for students now more than ever before when it comes to finding a flexible option to attending college and completing a credential.”

TC offers courses online, in a hybrid format with some online and some classroom time, short 2-week mini-mesters, traditional 16-week semesters, and now 8-week course formats.

“There is a place and a schedule for everyone at TC!”

Dr. McDaniel also reported on the recent announcement from the Organization of Associate Degree Nursing programs that TC’s program has been successfully chartered as the Theta Sigma Chapter of the OADN Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society.

Dr. McDaniel said, “I want to congratulate our Dean of the Health Sciences Division, Courtney Shoalmire, and TC’s nursing faculty for their work in establishing this prestigious program on TC’s campus to recognize excellence in our nursing students. In the next few weeks, we will offer provisional membership to students in their first year of the ADN program.”

For more information and to see a full list of degrees and certificates offered at TC, visit online at www.texarkanacollege.edu or call 903-823-3012.