Texarkana Arkansas Homicide

On Sunday, March 19th, 2023 at 7:09 pm, officers of the patrol division were dispatched to the area of Pinehurst and Grove Street due to a complaint of a traffic issue in the area. Officers observed a volume of vehicles estimated between sixty to one hundred cars that were lined up on the streets in both traffic lanes due to a community event going on in the neighborhood. The officers in the area observed no violations or issues other than the large volume of vehicles on the roadway.
The officers stayed in the area to observe the traffic congestion and at 8:08 pm, the officers heard gunshots near the intersection of Grove and Pinehurst. Bi-State 911 Communications Center begin getting calls about the gunfire as well. The officers located the area where the shooting may have occurred and discovered a vehicle with bullet holes and spent casings nearby. No victims were found at the scene.
At 8:13 pm, 911 calls were made about a vehicle accident at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Hazel Street intersection. The accident involved some of the people at the shooting scene. They were transporting a 6-year-old child who had been struck in the leg by a bullet fired by an unknown suspect at the scene of the shooting on Grove and Pinehurst Streets. The child was transported by another private party from the crash scene to a local hospital. The child was then transported to another medical facility in Little Rock for further treatment.
At 9:25 pm, the communications center was contacted by Christus St. Michael’s Hospital about a male who had been dropped off at the emergency room with a gunshot wound. Further investigation revealed the victim had been shot earlier near the intersection of Grove and Pinehurst Streets. The adult male victim was identified as 24-year-old Michael Clark of Wake Village, Texas. Clark later died from his injuries.
Anyone with information on this incident or that has video from a cell phone or residential camera please contact the Criminal Investigation Division at 903 798 3154 or email Detective Dakota Easley at dakota.easley@txkusa.org