TexAmericas Center Launches Qualified Sites Program to Advance Speed to Market, Speed to Profit for Future Tenants

TexAmericas Center, which owns and operates the 5th top ranked industrial park and one of the largest mixed-use industrial parks in the United States, announced today it has launched its Qualified Sites Program (QSP) that is intended to improve on its brand promise of speed-to-market and speed-to-profit for companies interested in locating on its 12,000 acre development in Northeast Texas.

Through the QSP, an on staff Professional Engineer (PE) and economic development professional, each with exceptional knowledge of what a company needs, grades a specific site for how well suited it is for industrial or commercial development based upon various site selection characteristics. Those characteristics include proximity to infrastructure; utilities including electrical, natural gas, fiber, water and sewer; soil condition and characteristics; transportation assets; title oversight; and more.

The final reports are then published and available, for free, to any interested prospect. The goal is to ensure developers, property owners, real estate professionals, and the economic development and business communities understand that TexAmericas Center’s pre-qualified sites are ready for immediate development.

Certified Sites have become an important part of the site selection process, especially for Mega Sites, sites over 500-acres. Because TexAmericas Center is self-certifying its sites, the organization is calling its product a “qualified” site, meaning that it is qualified to be certified.

“Our Qualified Sites program has been years in the making,” said TexAmericas Center CEO Scott Norton. “We were using this information internally and decided for the efficiency of not only our staff, but for the broader business community, we would create a process that could be documented and qualify sites ourselves. Now, when prospective tenants, commercial real estate agents and site search consultants come to us, we have answers that are ready and can be handed over easily. The QSP will save those seeking a quality site time and it also saves them money in the long run because of the depth of our due diligence on their behalf.”

The QSP serves as an honest, realistic assessment of the quality and type of shovel-ready sites available today at TexAmericas Center. The broader goals are to create a high standard for the inventory of qualified sites, filling an identified market gap in the greater Texarkana industrial and commercial marketplace, thus creating more jobs for the region.
The program is spearheaded by TexAmericas Center Executive Vice President/Chief Operations Officer Jeff Whitten, P.E.

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Much of the data is gathered by third party contractors and compiled by TexAmericas Center staff. Following Whitten’s development of the QSP report on a site, if a company wishes all they need to do is have an outside engineering firm, site search consultant, or similar entity verify the data. Through the program, companies or their agents can shorten the length of time manufacturers and warehousers spend on identifying and qualifying a site that is suitable for their operations.
“If TexAmericas Center can shorten the time it takes to find a quality site to build on, we start to approach parity with those wanting to purchase an existing building. The QSP and our in-house site and building plan approval processes will allow us to shave months off typical site selection and due diligence processes. Through the QSP we can offer built-to-suit options and give our
tenants exactly what they need, less risk, in a shorter time frame, along with the foresight to help them grow well into the future,” Whitten said.

“This process started as a way to make TexAmericas Center more efficient, and now we’re extending the program to help our prospects reach stabilization and profit faster. This speaks to our focus on ’Can Do‘, customer satisfaction, and the value we place on the partnerships we create with our tenants,” Whitten continued.

To view the qualified sites reports, visit www.TexAmericasCenter.com