Today in Texas History 7-17

1835 – Jackson Municipality colonist gathered at William Millican’s gin house to discuss their growing list of grievances against the Mexican government of Antonio López de Santa Anna. In 1936, the state of Texas erected a marker on the site.

1865 – Greenville S. Dowell and a group of local physicians formed the Galveston Medical Society.

1941 – The Midland Army Air Field was leased by the U.S. government for $1 a year while being used as a training ground during WWII.

Texas Quote

The ‘Texas Trail’ was the highway over which a tide of cattle was moved from Southwestern and Western Texas to the northwestern states, including Indian Territory, Kansas, Western Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming Territory, North and South Dakota and Montana.”

– U.S. Senator John B. Kendrick on December 10, 1916