Today in Texas History 7-18-23

1916 – Horace S. Carswell, Jr. was born in Fort Worth, TX. In 1946 he was awarded a Medal of Honor for giving “his life…to save all members of his crew” and for “sacrifice far beyond that required of him” on October 26, 1944. In 1946 Fort Worth Army Airfield was renamed Carswell Air Force Base.

1917 – Camp Bowie was established near present-day downtown Fort Worth. It was named for the Alamo hero Jim Bowie, the camp served as an army base in WWI.

1918 – Daniel R. Edwards from Mooresville, TX, earned a Medal of Honor. After undergoing treatment for wounds including a shattered arm he crawled alone into an enemy trench. In the trench he killed four, took for prisoners and suffered a shattered leg from an enemy shell.

1919 – In Longview, martial law was lifted. Governor William Hobby had imposed martial law on July 11 after a series of events lead him to order Texas Rangers and National Guard troops to the area.

1936 – The Fort Worth Frontier Centennial Exposition opened. It closed on November 14.

1988 – In Atlanta, GA, Texas Treasurer Ann Richards delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention.

2012 – Texas Governor Rick Perry and First Lady Anita Perry announced that the 156-year-old Texas Governor’s Mansion was fully restored.

2013 – Texas Governor Rick Perrry signed Texas Senate Bill 5 into law. The bill was a list of measures that added and updated abortion regulations in Texas.

Texas Quote

The ‘Texas Trail’ was the highway over which a tide of cattle was moved from Southwestern and Western Texas to the northwestern states, including Indian Territory, Kansas, Western Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming Territory, North and South Dakota and Montana.”