Bowie Cass Right of Way Spraying.

Right-of-Way Spraying is set to begin soon for the Spring Hill, Pearl Hill, Bivins, Douglassville, & Dekalb Metering Point substations. Contractors are currently traveling the right of way, wearing backpack sprayers, and making herbicide applications in BCEC territories. The process will continue through June. You may see these contractors on your property, in our right-of-way during this process.
You may also see their vehicles parked along roadways identified by a “Contractor for Bowie-Cass Electric Cooperative” signage. This spray provides a cost-effective, environmentally safe and longer-lasting means for managing trees and woody underbrush and is not harmful to humans or animals. The chemical has a “plant-specific” mode of action, which means the active ingredient is absorbed into the leaves and travels to the root system. Not only is the use of herbicides more effective in maintaining the area, but it is also a best practice in the electric utility industry with significant cost-savings.