Accidental Shooting claims life in Linden

UPDATED.        Linden Police Officers responded to a fatal shooting Friday, Sept. 22, in the parking lot of Crump Food Store located in the 700-Block of West Houston Street.


Linden Police Chief David Dulude said the incident occurred shortly after 3:30 p.m. Witnesses reported a store employee, identified as Larry Lawrence, 39, of Queen City, was in the process of placing groceries in the rear seat of a vehicle, where a dog was located.


Lawrence then began to pet the dog. A .22 rifle, also located in the rear seat of the vehicle, discharged striking Lawrence in the chest. Resuscitative measures were given to Lawrence by witnesses.


Paramedics and police were immediately called to the scene. Upon arrival, EMS personnel took over administering life-saving measures to Lawrence, who was pronounced deceased at the helipad site.


Chief Dulude said although the incident appears to be accidental at this time, the case is currently under investigation.


“It is unclear of the means of the discharge at this time,” said Chief Dulude.


We would like relay our deepest condolences to Lawrence’s loved-ones.”


One man is dead after a shooting earlier today at Crumps Food Center in Linden. Crumps posted this on their Facebook page. A tragedy has taken place at Crump’s Food Center. We lost a fine young man. He carried out groceries, put them in the back seat of a truck, a loaded rifle was in the seat, and a dog stepped on the rifle, shooting the young man. He died shortly thereafter. Until we are certain that his family has been notified, we will not be releasing his name. We ask for prayers for this young man’s family.
Chris Spencer­